Getting to know: Georgia Box

Georgia Box has been a huge part of Harlow’s front-line over the last few seasons but how well do you know about her? We caught up with Boxy to find out where her football journey has taken her, what she does away from football and her ambitions for the season whilst also getting to know her better!

Before joining the Hawks, Georgia Box had featured in the ranks of some top clubs. “I have played for all the towns; Colchester Town, Billericay Town and Ipswich Town before joining Harlow.”

When it came to her favourite town though, there was only one in the running. “It has to be Harlow. I’m not just saying that because I’m here now but this season so far has got to be my favourite yet since I first started playing football at 11 years old. I’m surrounded by a bunch of amazing girls and feeling the most confident in football than I have for a long time,”

Before the enforced break, Harlow were 3-0 victors over Bowers & Pitsea, lifting them up to 4th in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League after 5-games, with a record of won 3, drew 1 and lost 1. Although it wasn’t the same heights as the previous season, Georgia still felt it was a good start.

“I feel like it’s going well,” she said. “We have a very good side and the girls are still getting used to playing together. The league’s a lot tougher this year but I think we are playing some great football and everyone’s enjoying it.”

When it came to the toughest opponent she had faced, it was a tough one to answer. “As I mentioned, the league is really tough this year and all teams are tough to play against. I think our game against Peterborough [Northern Star] was a very physical and tough game.”

Her favourite game came last season in Harlow’s (almost!) title winning season. “I think it would probably be the game against Bedford just before [the first] lockdown. It was neck and neck and to score a hattrick and the winning goal in the last few minutes of the game felt amazing.”

When it came to her best friends in the team, that was a little easier to answer. “I love all the girls. They’re all my best friends, we are such a tight knit group. But saying that, my very best friends would of course be my Amy Nash and my little bestie Ellie Manning.”

Away from football, Box enjoyed nothing more than singing her heart out. “My goal with singing has always been to reach the highest points I could. For now though, it’s just about having people listen to and enjoy my music. I like telling stories of my life through my songs. Music is the best way to express yourself.”

Singer was certainly her first love as she has been doing it long before she put on her football boots for the first time. “My parents always knew I’d be a singer since I was a baby. I sang before I talked” she joked. “I started singing lessons when I was around 4 years old and started singing professionally at the age of 19.”

Her ambitions as a footballer were to score goals but she had far bigger ambitions for Harlow this season. “I want the team to win a cup final or the league this year. It’s no more than we deserve, especially after last season coming to such a horrible end. I personally want to score as many goals as possible and just keeping playing with confidence and enjoying it! I’m so happy with this team at the moment and that’s all that matters.”

When asked which three players she loved playing with, it was another tough question to answer. “I genuinely can’t answer that one. Every single person that steps onto the pitch in our team brings so much quality and I love playing with every single one of them. I really do! I do feel like I should point out that Chloe Bassett always passes me a spot on the final ball and I do love that.”

Three things you can’t live without? “Pasta, Amy and my dog dolly. I’d add BeyoncĂ© too because I LOVE her”

As a singer and a music lover, it would have been wrong not to ask for her last three songs! “BeyoncĂ© – Stevie Wonder Tribute, Harry Styles – Falling and Stevie Wonder – For once in my life”

Photos: Matt Bacon (@bacon0butty), Liana Murphy (@notlenny_) and Ipswich Town Women (@ITFCWomen)