“I’m overwhelmed” – Dean Perrett

When Harlow manager Dean Perrett thought about a challenge to give back to the EHAAT [Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust], he didn’t expect to achieve what he expected. The challenge was simple; to walk 5km for 20-days to cover the equivalent distance of his home in Sawbridgeworth to the Royal Papworth Hospital and back again. Now half-way through the challenge, he’s looked back on a tough 2-weeks.

“The walk has been good. I’ve enjoyed it so far and it’s made me motivated to get up do things, especially when I’ve done the morning walks. I feel it going well and being halfway through means I’ve reached the Papworth Hospital and now I’ve got to head back. I’ve found it testing at times but it has not put me off completing the challenge.”

Whilst the distance doesn’t seem huge, for Dean, it feels like a marathon. Having recovered from the worst of it, the manager is still trying to overcome the challenges that he faced [during his ordeal] while also overcoming the challenges of his walks too.

“I’m not going to lie, I have suffered from shin splints over the last week. I’m not sure if that was due to walking on ice or snow or not being used to it and keeping up the pace [of walking the distance under an hour]. That’s one of the challenges but then I was faced with ice and snow last week which, although I like walking in the cold because it helps my breathing and its fresh, was also a challenge I had to overcome.”

Away from the walking, the support he has been shown is nothing short of incredible. It wasn’t just the donating of money but forms of support are welcomed. He has set a target of £250, but with two-weeks left of the challenge, Dean has seen the total surpass £2K (reaching a total of £2,260).

“My message to those who have supported the cause, whether than through donations, retweets, following or encouragement, I’d just like to thank you all!”

“It’s phenomenal [the support I have been shown] and I’m overwhelmed by it. What people have donated, those I barely know and some I have only just met plus those already in my life, motivated me to walk and challenge myself. It’s great for me as it helps with my recovery and I’d like to shake the hands of everyone who donated.”

“When I set the target, I hadn’t done anything like this before but felt it was my time to give back to the Air Ambulance as they had played a part in saving my life. My target of £250 may have been naïve but to raise over £2,000, again is phenomenal. I get an email everyday with people’s name and who has donated and that’s great, especially seeing the target rise. I really can’t thank people enough and did I expect it to go over £2K? No way!”

Despite reaching over 900% of his target, he wants to continue raising as much money as he can for the charity. The message from the man himself is simple;

“It’s brilliant [what has already been raised] but please keep donating if you can as the money goes to an amazing charity that will continue to save lives. I have a little surprise, something that means a lot to me but I’d like it to go to someone who’d really appreciate it. Although it means a lot to me, if it raises a good amount of money for the charity, then that is brilliant in itself.”

Keep an eye on Dean’s twitter (@DeanPerrett2) for updates on the surprise and another way to donate towards the charity.

Dean Perrett is fundraising for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (justgiving.com)