Match Report: May & Baker 4-3 Buckhurst Hill

May & Baker and Buckhurst Hill played out a 7-goal thriller in which the hosts came out on top in their latest pre-season friendly. Both teams battled hard in rainy and windy conditions which impacted the game hugely.

Buckhurst Hill dominated the first half as they looked to get the win. They had the first shot of the game when their number 22 shot from distance but it was fired over. Buckhurst tried to play a number of balls to their attackers but the wind carried the ball, making it difficult for them to have any control. Despite being on the back foot, it was the host who broke the deadlock, 10 minutes into the game. A ball was played through and slotted past the keeper.

Buckhurst Hill continued to dominate possession and tried to equalise. Their number 22 was at the forefront of their chances as he looked to get them on level terms. A shot was fired over before another one was curled just wide of the target as the wind carried it away from goal. Down the other end, a shot was fired over the bar. The pressure had paid off for the visitors as they equalised in the 24th-minute. The 22, who had the majority of the chances for Hill, found some space on the edge of the box and finished well past the keeper.

Bakers number 10 almost profited from a misplaced pass but he just ran it out of play before Hill’s 17 had a couple of good chances. A shot was saved from the edge before shouts for a penalty were ignored by the referee as he was brought down before he could release his shot. Just before the break, Bakers 6 had a good chance as he looked to take it round the keeper but the goalie did well to recover and make a good save.

The second half continued with the domination from Buckhurst Hill. A couple of minutes into the second half, they found their second when a ball was squeezed past the keeper from distance. They continued to dominate and within 5 minutes, Hill found a 3rd when another shot crept into the goal after the 10 had picked up a loose ball.

Both sides battled well in the midfield as they competed with each other and the elements. Bakers looked to pull a goal back but they could finish their chances. A shot was well saved by the Hill keeper before a low shot from Bakers 6 was dragged just wide. The pressure of the opposition goal paid off minutes later when Bakers pulled one back. Their 20 made a good run down the left before pulling the ball back to the 11 who finished well from close range.

Buckhurst Hill had a chance to extend their lead but a shot was rattled off the crossbar and their 17 forced a good save from the keeper. They rued their missed chances as Bakers found their equaliser in the 80th-minute. Their 10 twisted and turned, getting past a defender before delivering a short cross in the box. The attacker did well to get behind the ball, bending his neck to do so, and heading well past the keeper.

As the game approached its end, Buckhurst Hill were almost gifted another goal. A miskick from the defender allowed the ball to run through but it was fired just wide of the target. With less than 5 minutes to play, Bakers took the lead once again. The 8 did well to collect the ball on the break. After a good run and a one-two, the 8 found himself in front of goal before he finished well. Buckhurst Hill tried come back in the time remaining but Bakers did well to defend their lead, using the wind to their advantage.