After three months away from our eyes, the Premier League, Championship and League One and Two play-offs returned to our screens for excited fans to sink their teeth into after the season was put on hold until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although fans ain’t able to watch the game live, the matches being available to watch seems enough for fans right now after getting restless with the waiting.

Non-league fans on the other hand are still waiting and with a provisional timeframe of September, it could up to five months before a ball is kicked in the lower levels of the English game and it begs the questions; what is non-league football without fans?

The term “football is nothing without fans” is synonymous with football fans who feel their owners are being too greedy and are threatening to walk away taking their money with them. The Premier League, Championship and even leagues abroad have held up banners and interrupted matches to share their messages to the people at the very top. Bayern Munich fans did such a thing in London when they faced Tottenham in the Champions League. A banner with “twenty is plenty” was held up whilst they also few toilet paper onto the pitch in protest. But what about non-league?

Bayern Munich fans at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The answer is there’d be no football at non-league level without fans.

Up and down the country on a Saturday, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of football fans spending their money by going through the gate at a non-league football ground. The raw, intensity of semi-professional football draws them in. The money is vitally important too with every penny, helping the club to remain playing in their communities.

Without the money of spectators, non-leagues club won’t struggle with someone even falling away without a trace. Some clubs have been forced to dissolve or merge with other clubs due to the pandemic and not being able to bring in money. It’s not all about money though. without supporters, the actions and results of a non-league may be lost. There’s not a lot of coverage to choose from unlike the Premier League which is covered by every newspaper and football website out there.

A handful of supporters watch title chasing Vauxhall Motors

When football fans think their clubs owners are pricing the tickets too high, they should spare a thought for non-league clubs who fight day-by-day to survive in a world not build for them!